Shibashi Qigong Set 2

Shibashi Qigong Set #2 - Involves weight shifting, squatting and blood and Qi building movements.

Movement names,

1 Regulate the Qi
2 Move the Qi on the Microcosmic Orbit
3 Wind blows the Willows
4 Needle at Sea bottom
5 Fisherman casts net
6 Immortal Shows the Way
7 Mischievous boy kicking
8 Crane prays to the moon
9 Dragon bears its claws
10 Bend the bow to shoot the eagle
11 Twin Dragons Emerging
12 Double wave push
13 Lion plays with ball
14 Embrace the Moon at the Dantien
15 Phoenix spreads wings
16 Strike Opponent with Double Fist
17 Circle the Qi at the Dantien
18 Collect the Qi