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Considering a Tai Chi Health and Wellness Evaluation?

You're on the right page. Transformation Arts offers corporate health and wellness evaluation and consulting services.


1. Reduce Stress, Increase Productivity
2. Invest in Creative Potential
3. Reduce Employee Absenteeism due to Illness and Injury
4. Mitigate “Presenteeism” , or being at work while sick

Even the United States Department of Health and Human Services recommends going “Stress Free”

“Work site wellness promotion (i.e., the minimization of organizational stress) improves a company’s productivity by attracting superlative employees; reducing absenteeism and lost time; improving decision-making and time utilization (i.e., reduced “presenteeism”); building a reservoir of good-will toward management; and reducing employee turnover.”

-Healthy Workforce 2010, US DHHS

Consultant Michael Vasquez

Or thinking about a Tai Chi Health Program?

Why is Tai Chi the best tool available to achieve results?

Low Cost (no equipment necessary)
Low Impact (any person can do it regardless of size, age, or physical disposition)
Been extensively researched to reduce stress, increase creative-thought, and repair mind/body damage

Next Steps:

1. Contact us, receive and then fill out questionnaire(s)
2. Have an on-site consultation and receive a Health and Wellness Diagnostic Report
3. Make on-site or off-site Tai Chi or physical fitness classes available to employees/managers with incentives

Thoughts, theory and practice

Life Style injury and illness prevention is a touchy subject for most as it infers we may not understand the effects of our habits and patterns associated with habitual accumulations or un-checked deficiencies. Life Style is a general term that can be  understood as a working relationship with Balance/Change/Movement. Coincidentally, these three words are the essence of the Internal Practices of Tai Chi/QiGong/Yoga. The Life-Style Change Arts of these health learning management systems are the deeper understanding of "mind/body" fitness.

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